Odos Stratigou Dimitri Petriti 31
Zip Code 180 10 - Aegina
Tel - Fax : +30 22970 - 27039

How to get to the hotel

From the Airport to the port of Piraeus:

By Shuttle bus
Leaving the arrivals hall, you will find bus X96, which takes you straight to the Port of Piraeus. Every 15/20 minutes a bus is leaving during the day and about every half hour at night. Ask the bus driver to stop at the dock for Aegina (in front of Radio Korasidis) The price of the ticket is € 3.20 (and is valid for 24 hours. The trip will take 60 minutes up to 1 1/4 hour depending on the traffic! At the airport and in Piraeus you buy your ticket at the small ticket office next to the busstop. Entering the bus, do not forget to stamp your ticket in the ticketmachine. Have pocket money ready when you buy your ticket, they do not appreciate large notes! Click here for more info.

By Taxi
When leaving the airport you will find the yellow taxis. A taxi is usually quicker than the bus (depending on the traffic). The price will be about € 40,00. Click here for the indicative taxi charges. 

By car
You may also rent a car and drive to the Piraeus port. The earlier you book the better the prices. To rent a car at the airport is a good option if you also plan to visit the Peloponnese after or before you visit Aegina. There is a good ferry connection between Methana (on the Peloponnese) and Aegina.  

From Piraeus to the island of Aegina
From Piraeus to Aegina – Coast Guard Piraeus
Telephone: (+30) 210 4147800
From Aegina to Piraeus – Coast Guard Aegina:
Telephone: (+30) 22970 22328

During the summer, boats are available daily from 07.00 a.m. to 21.00 p.m. almost every half hour. 

By Conventional Ferry Boat:
The trip to the Island lasts approximately 70 minutes. Boats depart from port Gate E8. Ticket per person costs approximately 9 euros. Car fare costs approximately 20-25 Euros.

By High Speed Boat/ Flying Dolphin:
Trip to the Island lasts 40 minutes. Boats depart from port Gate E8. Ticket per person costs around 15 Euros. 

From the harbour of Aegina to Hotel Rastoni

Hotel Rastoni is located only 400 meters away from the harbour. It is a nice walk next to the sea. In case you have heavy luggage or if you want to avoid walking, you can use a taxi, located next to the ticket offices at the harbour, against a very small fee. In case you want to visit us, using your own car, please follow the blue line on the map indicating the path towards the hotel.