I love Aegina

Aegina seduces its visitors with the fascinating ancient Greek ruins of Aphaia and Kolona and many more, the enchanting landscapes, the untouched nature, the crystal clear waters and the culinary Mediterranean delights. There are numerous things to do in Aegina, but just to give you a guideline, when visiting Aegina make sure to spend some time at the following destinations :

Be amazed by the archaeological sites and spectacular museums like the Temple of Aphaia which is arguably the jewel in the crown of Aegina island.
The hill of Kolona, archeological site with museum, next to port of Aegina town, was inhabited from prehistoric times through the classical period. As well as the monumental buildings in Aegina town or “the heritage of Kapodistrias”. During the short period of time that Kapodistrias lived in Aegina as first governor of Greece, many important public buildings were renovated. One of the special sights in the town is the Markello's Tower which dates from 1802.
Agios Nektarios , church and monastery built for the most recent Greek Orthodox saint - Agios Nektarios - The place is visited by large numbers of people, many of them seeking help from this miracle-working saint, who died in 1920. One of Aegina's best-kept secrets is this beautiful early 17th-century Monastery of Chrysoleonitissa, monastery which sits off in the hills of central Aegina.
The Monastery of Saint Catherina east of Aegina Town and west of the former capital Palaiochora (now abandoned), it is placed on the site of the former Temple of Aphrodite.

At the seaside, Aegina's aquamarine waters do not disappoint and boast some of the best shores in Greece, including the beaches around the city of Aigina (a few meters away from Rastoni), Panagitsa , Avra a sandy beach, and Kolona with the amazing sunsets.
There are some coves and rocks , north of Aegina Town, past the Kolona archeological site, that are sometimes used by naturists for swimming and sunbathing.
Aiginitissa Beach is trendy with shallow waters and very safe for children. In Perdika Beach is ideal for those who love shadow and natural shade because the beach is surrounded by trees. From Perdika you can reach the opposite island of Moni by boat in about ten minutes. There are deer, peacocks and wild goats living on the island. On the north side of Moni you will find a quiet unorganized beach.
Marathonas Beach - is situated in the small traditional fishing village Marathonas. On both sides of the village (both north and south of the harbor pier) you find an organized sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas.
The environment here is very well preserved and human intervention is minimal. The silence is broken only by the roar of the waves.

Aegina is experiencing a renaissance during the past few years. Its old core is being transformed into a vibrant, youthful quarter full of cafes, bars, galleries and restaurants including monumental churches. Getting fresh high quality fish is one of the biggest challenges for any top quality restaurant. In this aspect, Aegina is extremely spoiled by being surrounded by the highest quality fresh fish restaurants in ArgoSaronic.
Explore all areas of Aegina, including off-shore attractions and the many
villages are inhabited and connected by a concrete road and easily accessible by car or motor bike. Each village on the island has its own character. You can visit fishing villages with amazing beaches, and inland & mountain villages with stone built houses and traditional tavernas.
The Rastoni team can personally organize day excursions to provide an enriching and authentic local experience for each guest.

It is time to stand outside of your everyday life and to see how it all looks from a PARADISE PERSPECTIVE